Supportive and Confidential


Many of us can benefit from the understanding and support of a skilled and reliable person at challenging times in our lives. This support can help us make sense of some of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I believe the overall aim of therapy is to provide people with space to talk and reflect on issues in their life that feel important, and also ones that are possibly causing distress. I see my role as a therapist as building trusting and effective working relationships with people and providing a safe environment where they can gain further awareness, alongside exploring ways in which they can better cope or manage.





The number of people accessing talking therapies for conditions such as anxiety and depression through the NHS increased by 21.5% from 2020-21 to 2021-22.
NHS England 2023

One in four people will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

Patients with severe depression benefit as much from psychological therapy as they do from pills.
Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Qualified, Experienced and Professional

Counselling and Therapy


If you choose to work with me, we’d arrange to meet at a convenient time for our first session. We would sensitively explore your issue or problem based on my experience and also your knowledge of yourself. We would then discuss and decide how best that we could work together. During these early stages we would typically agree on what you wished to gain from of our sessions and what you require from me.

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jamie Nicol, I am a qualified, accredited and experienced therapist offering a confidential and professional service to individuals of all ages in Stafford and surrounding areas. I hold a fully enhanced DBS clearance certificate (formerly known as CRB) and am a recognised practitioner with BUPA and other major healthcare insurance companies.

My work with people can be either short or long-term depending on what best suits a person’s individual need. I provide a variety of therapies including Counselling, CBT and EMDR. Please click on the tab ‘Services’ for brief descriptions of how I provide these services. I work with individuals who are experiencing issues relating to depression, health, low self-esteem, work related stress, anxiety, abuse, anger, trauma, sexuality, bereavement and loss and many other problem areas (please see the list below). I also work with individuals who are experiencing relationship difficulties perhaps as a result of the issues mentioned.

I consider myself to be a grounded practitioner who respects peoples’ values, culture, existing skills and autonomy. I also firmly believe that we are all capable of making productive changes when we are ready and able.

Areas I Work With​






Anger management





Bereavement & Loss



Childhood Issues

Domestic Violence




Faith / Belief issues

Fertility issues



Health issues

Infidelity / Affairs



Lack of direction

Life changing experiences

LGBTQ+ issues

Low mood

Low self-esteem

Managing change

Mid-life crisis

Miscarriage / Stillbirth




Panic Attacks




Relationship breakdown

Relationship problems

Road traffic accidents


Sexual addiction

Sense of failure



Social Anxiety


Substance misuse

Suicidal thoughts or planning


Unexplained / paranormal

Work related stress


+ Other presenting issues

I work both remotely and from an office base in Stafford.

Discreet and Accessible Location



My office is located to the east of Stafford on the Weston Road (Beaconside) within the site of what used to be Staffordshire University. It is now known as Beacon Business Village.


“I prefer to think of my patients and myself as fellow travellers, a term that abolishes distinctions between ‘them’ (the afflicted) and ‘us’ (the healers). … We are all in this together, and there is no therapist and no person immune to the inherent tragedies of existence.” – Irvin Yalom.


“You provided the neutral space for us to listen to each other without shouting. It is still tough sometimes but we are remembering to listen.“

Client #1

“We cannot thank you enough for the care that you have given ******* He came to you a very poorly man and you have taught him how to cope with his depression. He is again the supportive, attentive, happy, dependable man that we thought we’d lost.”

Client #2

“My friends at school have told me that they are not scared of me anymore and they think I’ve changed for the better.”

Client #3

“After feeling really nervous initially, I began to look forward to coming to your office. I know that I need to stand up and face the world on my own again and I’m now ready to move forward.”

Client #4

“I have seen a few therapists over the years, none have been so ‘real’ as you…keep up the good work Jamie.”

Client #5

“I can’t believe that my life is no longer controlled by the anxiety that invaded me some years ago. Your belief in me and your support and guidance has enabled me to find my way through…thanks for everything!”

Client #6

“Having been through counselling previously, I was sceptical to try again, the work that Jamie has done with me has genuinely made me a more stable & understanding person and allowed me to move forwards in life, happier with the belief to succeed.”

Client #7

“Since coming to see you I have changed my diet, stopped drinking, smoking, taking drugs, can run 10k, have fallen in love with my football club again, repaired the relationship with my father and now appreciate that people actually love my personality, not the way I look.”

Client #8