My Dog

It has been scientifically proven that the relationship between therapy dogs and their owners stimulates emotional support, which is good for psychological health! Through their calming presence and companionship gained from working together, therapy dogs have assisted people in overcoming anxiety and depression. 


This is my dog Rocky.  He is a Cockapoo. As well as being a loyal friend and fellow traveller to me he sometimes accompanies me to work and sits and sleeps in my office.

I appreciate that many people may not share a love or comfortability around dogs and I fully respect peoples choices not to have a dog in the therapy room.  I will usually ask people at the point of referral whether they are comfortable having Rocky present through the session.

Initially Rocky is excited to meet people and will typically make a fuss of them wanting to introduce himself and let the person know that he is a friendly dog.  Once a client is settled in the room he will either lie nearby them or return back alongside me.   There are times where Rocky has acted as a fellow therapist and if my clients show distress he can often attempt to comfort them.  

Rocky is a Cockapoo which is a breed of dog that is hypoallergenic meaning that he doesn’t shed hair in the same way other dogs do and he is less likely to cause any allergic reaction.  He is fully trained and will respond promptly to my instructions.

Once again Rocky only sometimes accompanies me to work and it is absolutely understood if you’d prefer him not to be there without the need to explain.